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Which are the information to pay an online order?

To complete a purchase online, please enter the Credit/Debit Card, The card's Holder name, Expiration date and the CVV Security Code.

Can I use a different billing and shipping address?

Yes, it is possible to enter a shipping address different than your Billing Address. Once the order has dispatched from our warehouse, you will receive an email from our Courier partner DHL containing the DHL tracking number.

Can I pay my order in a different currency?

The payment's currency is based on the country's shipping address and the VAT rate is applied accordingly. The price of each product is VAT included and this is indicated in each product's label.

How can I pay my order?

We currently accept the following payment methods:. At the checkout section, please make sure that the Billing address is the same one indicated in your card's bank account. We do not accept other payment methods, such as cheque,cash at delivery or p

Can I pay with Paypal?

Yes you can, you will need to choose Paypal as payment method at the checkout page. Once confirmed, you will be re-directed to the Paypal website where you will log in and check if the order's amount and shipping address are correct. Please make sure

When I will be charged of the order?

Order's amount will be automatically charged once it is confirmed.

Why the payment has been declined?

The order's payment may fail due to the following reasons:. If it is not any of these reasons, please contact your Bank's card issuer.

What kind of security checks are run to make sure the payment

All credit/debit Cards are subject to validation and authorisation checks run by the Bank cards'issuers. If Your payment is not authorised by Your card's bank issuer, WPSTORE will decline the transaction and will not confirm your order.  In that case

What happens if I realize the billing and shipping information given after placing an order, are incorrect?

If you notice that your personal and shipping information are incorrect after placing an order, please contact our Customer Service Team at [email protected]. Please note that order information can only be amended if the order has not been

How do you keep my personal information safe?

To ensure a simple and secure shopping experience, WPSTORE uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, which encrypts and protects the data you share with us at the time of purchase. When SSL technology is active, you'll notice that the URL at the top